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Thank you to Friends of Roc City Skatepark and
Boris Sapohznikov for this video footage 

Build it and they will come

The concept of building a public skatepark for the benefit of the Rochester community was first introduced to City officials in 2008 by the ROC City Skatepark Coalition. This vision became a reality twelve years later on November 5, 2020 through a collaborative effort of City officials, community members and several generous donors. The Roc City Skatepark was created as a location that would bring a new vitality and sense of energy to the Downtown Rochester. The Skatepark is a welcoming space where skateboarders, rollerbladers, BMXers and other progression-oriented sports enthusiasts come to embody the sport, sharpen their skills and enjoy endless hours of outdoor recreation.

The Roc City Skatepark is one of several ROC the Riverway projects designed to highlight the Genesee River as the centerpiece of Rochester by creating activities and attractions along both banks of this centralized waterway. The Skatepark is located along the Genesee Riverway Trail under the Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Bridge and utilizes land that would have otherwise been unbuildable. This $3.1 million project boasts mini-ramps and ledges, stairs and handrails, competition bowls and a main skate promenade, along with open space that provides opportunities for public art installations and performances. The Roc City Skatepark was made possible by generous funders including Roc the Riverway funding from New York State, an Upstate Revitalization Grant from the New York State Department of Transportation; Commercial Corridor and Main Street Revitalization economic development grants through RG&E; Built to Play and Environmental Impact Grants from The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation); and generous contributions from The Sands Family Foundation and the Friends of the ROC City Skatepark.  


 To Learn more about the Roc City Skatepark and future programming at this site, Contact the City’s Director of Recreation & Parks Stewardship, Sara Scott.

To learn more about the Friends of Roc City Skatepark, Email the Friends of Roc City Skatepark: Or check out their website at:



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