Seneca Park

2222 St Paul St 14617 Seneca-Park-aerialmap

Seneca Park is managed by Monroe County. See Monroe County's Seneca Park page

Use the Rochester-Genesee Regional Transportation Authority's Google Trip Planner to get a bus to the Park


Originally North Park, this three-mile preserve of forested river gorge, was renamed Seneca (which means "stone") to recognize its Native American heritage as well as the deeply cut stone in the river gorge. Another of Frederick Law Olmsted's works of living art, the park includes Trout Lake, created by damming a natural spring.

The Seneca Park Zoo was established in the park in 1894, and draws guests from all over the region. Be transported around the world as you come face to face with African elephants, southern white rhinos, red pandas, snow leopards, an Amur tiger, and much more

Features & Facilities

For more information on hours, rules and regulations, and amenities in this county-maintained park and zoo, please visit Monroe County Parks. To make a facility reservation at a shelter or lodge in Seneca Park, call (585) 753-PARK (7275).


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