Street Liaison

 The Street Liaison program delivers essential services to the business community within targeted commercial corridors found in their respective quadrants by providing access to information to support business growth, attracting new businesses and supporting economic development in neighborhood business corridors.


Northwest Street Liaison: 

 Megan Photo

Megan Morsch

Northwest Business Corridors: 

  • Lyell Avenue
  • Dewey Avenue
  • Lake Avenue
  • West Ridge Road


Northeast Street Liaisons: 


Okey Ikpeze

585-968-4063 (office)

585-456-7441 (cell)


Mercedes Vazquez Simmons  


 Northeast Business Corridors: 

  • Joseph Avenue
  • Portland Avenue
  • Hudson Avenue
  • Public Market Area

Mercedes Vazquez Simmons

  • North Clinton Avenue



Southwest Street Liaisons:  


John Demott, Southwest Liaison


Chris McDonald, Southwest Liaison

Southwest Business Corridors 

  • West Main Street
  • Chili Avenue
  • Jefferson Avenue
  • South Plymouth Avenue
  • Brooks Avenue
  • Thurston Road / Arnett Boulevard 
  • Genesee Street
  • Mount Hope Avenue







Southeast Street Liaison:  

 Megan Photo



Megan Morsch


Southeast Business Corridors:

  • South Clinton Avenue (Linden Avenue to Byron Street)
  • South Avenue (Byron Street to Linden Street)
  • Monroe Avenue 
  • Goodman Plaza
  • East Main Street (Goodman Street to Culver Road)