Recycling of Holiday Trees

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Residential customers who wish to recycle their natural holiday trees may bring them to one of several holiday tree drop off locations around the city. The trees are chipped and the resulting mulch is returned to the public at no charge through the  Materials Give Back Program  located on Ferrano Street near Colfax Street. 

City residents can also leave Christmas trees curbside on their designated refuse and recycling day. Trees do not have to be bagged.

Drop-off Locations

Beginning after Christmas and through the end of January, residents may drop their holiday tree for recycling at the following locations:


 Quadrant   Location   Address  Map
 Southwest Genesee Valley Park - tennis courts  Genesee Street Extension- opposite #1355 Map of GVP opposite 1355 Genesee St.
 Southeast Cobbs Hill Park - Lake Riley Lodge east parking lot    Culver Road and Norris Drive Map of Cobbs Hill parking lot
 Northeast Norton Village  Opposite #341 Waring Road Map of Norton St waring road
 Northwest Charlotte                  Estes Street opposite Abbott's Ice Cream parking lot Map of Beach and Lake Avenue 2


 Trees may also be dropped off at the Materials Give Back Program Center, located at Ferrano Street near Colfax Street.