Drug Hotline - City of Rochester

The Drug Hotline was established to solicit information on known and unknown drug locations and dealers in the City of Rochester. The information received is then forward to the Narcotics Unit for follow-up investigations. Callers are given the opportunity to remain Blue-Yellow-patchanonymous or give their name and telephone number so that the investigator can contact them if needed or desired.


  • A large amount of foot traffic
  • Vehicles and pedestrians visiting the property for short periods of time
  • Glassine/plastic baggies found near the suspected location
  • Used needles strewn about the area.

WHAT INFORMATION TO GET:   (Keep notes and log the dates and time of the activity)

  • Address and description of location
  • License plate numbers from the vehicles visiting the suspect location
  • Descriptions of persons suspected of selling drugs
  • When are the busiest times at the location.
  • The type of drugs being sold - Marijuana, cocaine, crack, etc.
  • Where it is being sold from - i.e.: Porch, side door, window, etc.

Call 311 or (585) 428-6000 to report illegal drug activity in your neighborhood.