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The City of Rochester Public Market has been a busy and bustling place, with many moving parts/pieces/people, for well over a century now.

The full range of vendor and product types defy easy description.

Some vendors are annual or seasonal (May-December) license-holders, which means you'll generally find them in the same spots in the outdoor or indoor sheds when they are at the Market, and on a regular schedule.  Others are Daily Vendors, meaning they come day-to-day to the Market, and are assigned to vendor stalls available that particular day. 

All this means that each regular Market shopping day (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Saturdays 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.) there is a different--in fact, unique--mix and arrangement of vendors. 

Our advice to Market shoppers is that they stroll through each Market shed to get the fullest sense of products and vendors available on a given day, and then make choices on what to buy/which to buy from!  Many regular Market shopping 'veterans' have their go-to vendors, and know when and where to find them--but each Market day, there are usually new vendors to check out, so the "walk through" is always recommended, even for the seasoned Market shoppers! 

Maps of the Market and its vendor sheds are available in the lobby of the Market Office, and right here.

As for providing a specific vendor list for each Market day that identifies all the vendors and locations on the Market--that's a challenging thing to do, since Market staff don't fully know all the vendors and their locations until the Market opens that day, the Daily Vendors are assigned, and attendance taken of lease-holding vendors. Keep in mind that Market staff (in the Market Office, the two-story brick house at the center of the grounds) is willing to guide you to specific products and vendors--just come to the window in the lobby of the Office during regular Market hours.

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