Neighborhood Preservation- Neighborhood Service Centers

 Daisy Algarain 22

Daisy Algarin, NSC Director

 A message from the Director

 The Neighborhood Service Centers (NSCs) are based on the notion that the best way of responding to neighborhood issues is by teaming residents  with City staff to devise and achieve effective solutions.

 This approach brings City government closer to its citizens and their neighborhoods so that quality of life issues can be addressed quickly and effectively.

About the NSCs

 The City of Rochester has been divided into the four (4) geographic quadrants, each with its own Neighborhood Service Center. Each quadrant in the city also has its own Quadrant Team, an interdepartmental team of professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life in their assigned area. These cross-functional teams are intended to directly solve problems, establish community partnerships, and promote strength and growth in city neighborhoods. Teams meet regularly with community representatives to identify and prioritize issues.

 Neighborhood Service Centers are based on the notion that the best way of responding to neighborhood issues is by teaming residents with City staff to devise and achieve effective solutions. This approach brings City government closer to its citizens and their neighborhoods so that quality of life issues can be addressed quickly and effectively. 

       Neighborhood Service Centers Brochure>>

Neighborhood Service Center Services

Emergency Rent Assistance

The City of Rochester partners with local agencies to administer rental arrears assistance programs.

Are you eligible?

  • You are a renter;
  • You have lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • You are in immediate danger of eviction, homelessness, loss of housing, or utility shut off; and,
  • You have a household income at or below guidelines 


 Business and Neighborhood Presidents Meetings 

 The NSC Director meets monthly with neighborhood association and business association Presidents to discuss current topics and concerns effecting the Quality of Life in our four NSC Quadrants.

Nuisance Advisory Board

The Nuisance Advisory Board (NAB) will oversee the process of reviewing and hearing nuisance cases submitted for review from the City’s Neighborhood Service Centers.  Learn More about the Nuisance Abatement Program>> 

 Download the 2022 Meeting Calendar here

Business Permit Application Process

Bring  your initialized and completed hard copy application along with a check or money order fee payment  (non-refundable $25.00 application fee, payable to the "Rochester City Treasure") off to the  PERMIT OFFICE at CITY HALL, 30 Church St.  Your Business Permit application will be reviewed for legal use compliance under the Zoning Code and the New York State Building Code.  If your proposed use is in compliance with these codes, your application will be forwarded to your local NSC Office for final review and completion.  For more details consult the new  Business Permit processCity Hall Business Hours:  9 a.m.-5.p.m.

 After obtaining New York State Building Code and Rochester Zoning Code approval and paying the non-refundable $25.00 application fee, take your approved and signed Business Permit application to your  local NSC Office.

 You will need bring your:

  1.  Government Photo identification (NYS Driver's / Non-driver's License or United States Passport) of all persons listed on your application. 
  2.  Copies of any NYS Licenses (e.g. Barber, Beautician, Tattoo, Tobacco, Vapor Products, E-Cigarettes, etc.)
  3.  NYS Certificate of Authority (NYS Resale Taxes)   


 If your business has a signed and approved Entertainment or Amusement License from the Rochester Police Department NO Business Permit is required.   If any of these licenses are "pending," a Business Permit is REQUIRED before opening your business.

  All Fire Department, building permits, and Code Enforcement building inspections must be completed at your site before a business permit can be issued.  Allow two weeks for this "extended" process before receiving your new or renewal Business Permit.

Handicap Parking Permit Process

Handicapped parking permits are processed at your local neighborhood NSC Offices.  You may speak to a someone at the NSC Offices during business hours or drop off your documents at the NSC Drop Box.  NSC Office Hours:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Rochester Community University

This neighborhood leadership training will help residents learn how to advocate for themselves and their neighborhoods as the City of Rochester implements the Rochester 2034 Comprehensive Plan.  The weekly training will be virtual via Zoom.   New applications will be accepted through March 25, 2022 @ 5 p.m.

    <<Spring 2022 Rochester Community University Application>>


Business Locations

Looking for a location for your business? Looking for a specific business type? Use our interactive map to find business locations

Neighborhood Service Centers 

Northwest Neighborhood Service Center
400 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14613
(585) 428-7620

Southwest Neighborhood Service Center
923 Genesee Street
Rochester, NY 14611
(585) 428-7630

Northeast Neighborhood Service Center
500 Norton Street
Rochester, NY 14621
(585) 428-7660

Southeast Neighborhood Service Center
320 N Goodman St - Suite 209
Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 428-7640

Want to find out which quadrant your home or business is in? Enter an address, or click a location on the map, to determine in which neighborhood service center you are located, and to get contact information.