Rochester Fire Department

Fire Chief Stefano NapolitanoMessage from the Fire Chief

On behalf of the city of Rochester fire Department, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The Rochester Fire Department is a world class fire service agency and as the third largest fire department in New York State, it is my pledge as Fire Chief is to ensure that the delivery of fire and life safety services is of the highest quality, the most compassionate and at the maximum efficiency possible while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community.

Moreover, the Rochester Fire Department is committed to ensuring the safety of not only the residents of our City but to all persons who visit, recreate, work or travel through our community.  The men and women of this department will be the first on scene to provide emergent care in your time of need.

Lastly, the Rochester fire Department is more than an all hazards response agency. Additional services provided include, Code enforcement, Planning and Research, and Community Risk Reduction educational assistance so as to increase the health and safety of our community and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Rochester Fire Department for any of your fire, life safety and related needs.  We’re here for you!

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The Rochester Fire Department provides professional services for life preservation, incident stabilization and property conservation. We protect life and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, hazardous material management, technical rescue, fire prevention, disaster preparedness, public education and community risk reduction. The effective delivery of these services is achieved through a commitment to our employees and the community.


To be leaders in the delivery of fire and rescue services, and to provide the safest environment for our personnel and the people we serve.


The Rochester Fire Department operates on it's core values of professionalism, excellence, integrity, education and teamwork!

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

The Rochester Fire Department is committed to a culture that supports diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. The department engages in multiple efforts to achieve this goal. Click here for its February 2024 climate survey report.  

About the Rochester Fire Department 

The Rochester Fire Department has over 500 diverse uniformed and non-uniformed members, who reflect the community as a whole. Our 13 engines, 6 trucks, heavy rescue, and support staff respond to help from 15 neighborhood fire stations. Firefighters respond to numerous emergency situations, such as, vehicle extrication, medical emergencies, high-level rescue, hazardous materials incidents, structural collapse, swift water rescue, and many more emergency operations.

Our support staff is also a critical component of the department. The Fire Chief's Office is responsible for the overall management of the Department. These responsibilities include the establishment of personnel standards and policies, work schedules, public relations, training and the continuous review of operations and performance. Other areas of responsibility focus on fiscal control, personnel management, resource procurement and the coordination of the annual budget.

Our Community Risk Reduction Division  is eager to help you improve the safety of your home. As part of the Department's effort to keep the community safe, safety audits to help prevent falls and other injuries can be conducted.  Fire escape plans can also be developed. We are here to serve you!

Make sure to make us a part of your next block club, neighborhood get-together or invite us to meet with you to discuss fire safety and prevention. When you do that, you become an active participant in our vision of making Rochester the best and safest mid-sized city in the United States.


Phone: (585) 428-7037
For copies of fire reports visit the City of Rochester FOIL Page 
Visit this page to make an RFD Community and Events Appearance Requests

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