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Embracing a philosophy of "Policing in the Spirit of Service" represents the commitment of the Rochester Police Department (RPD) to consistently provide excellent policeSpirit-of-Service-logo services to the entire Rochester community. Our commitment requires every employee to strive for excellence, while demonstrating courtesy, professionalism and a responsibility of ethical duty. It is important to acknowledge that every community interaction has an impact on the reputation of each individual employee, as well as that of the Rochester Police Department as a whole. 

The citizens of Rochester and employees of the RPD have a common goal: To make the City of Rochester the safest mid-size city in America in which to work and raise a family. There is no doubt that we can attain this goal, but we must work together. There are many opportunities for members of this great community to become engaged with their police department. Click on the banners below to see the available programs that encourage involvement with the RPD. Both adults and young citizens can take advantage of these opportunities to make a positive impact on our community. Together, we can accomplish great things!

 We Are The RPD - Respect, Professional, Dedicated 

Click on the below banner for information on programs that adults in the community can be involved with.

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Click on the below banner for information on programs that youth in the community can be involved with.

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For more information on any of our volunteer or student intern programs, please contact the RPD Volunteer Coordinator at (585) 428-7496.

To apply to volunteer with the RPD, either apply online or click here to obtain an application form

To apply for an internship with the RPD, click here for more information.