Street Lighting

About the Program

The City of Rochester provides lighting for City-owned streets. The City replaces damaged or obsolete poles, and arranges for the upgrading of lighting when necessary. Currently, when a pole is New street lightslated for replacement, a more energy-efficient version of the street light is erected in its place.   

Upon request, the City may relocate existing light poles. However, residents are required to pay the costs of relocation. Generally, this request accompanies a site plan review or a Right-of-Way permit.  

How to report a problem  

To report a street light that is out or otherwise malfunctioning, call 311 (outside of the city, call (585) 428-5990) or request it online here:  Street Light Maintenance

Residents who have concerns about inadequate lighting levels may request an evaluation of the lighting in their area. The Coordinator will review the existing lighting situation to evaluate if enhanced lighting may be effected, and notify the resident of the determination.  Call 311 for more information.  

Click here to view the online 311 portal >>

Typically, problems with City-owned poles are corrected within 48 hours after a request for service has been made. In cases of electrical emergencies, call RG&E at 1.800.743.1702.  


No fees are associated with general street lighting; however, a resident who requests a light pole relocation will be charged for the cost of relocation. In areas where lighting levels have been upgraded, special fees may be charged. Additionally, the City requires reimbursement for damages made to lighting facilities.