Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card - Rochester Police Department

The Rochester Police Department (RPD) is proud to announce the Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card Program.Deaf Visor Card

The Rochester area is home to a large deaf and hard of hearing community. The Rochester Police Department is continuously looking for ways to improve communication and its relationship with the deaf and hard of hearing community.

The Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card was developed in collaboration by the Rochester Police Department and Regional Center for Independent Living's (RCIL) Deaf and Police Interactive Committee. The card is modeled after other successful programs that are used by deaf drivers in other states such as Maryland and Virginia.  The purpose of the Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card is to assist in the communication during a traffic stop between a police officer and a deaf driver.  It also assists the deaf driver in understanding the desired actions during the traffic stop to reduce misunderstanding and confusion.

The front side of the Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card alerts the police officer to the fact that the driver is either Hard of Hearing or Deaf.    On the right side of the Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card are two sections:  “I COMMUNICATE  USING THESE METHODS” and “HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP”,   along with information under each.  The  information can be used by the driver to indicate to the officer different things that will aid in the communication.

Along the bottom of the front side of the Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card are picture icons that will assist the officer in conveying to the driver the possible reason for the stop or assist the officer in requesting their drivers license, registration and insurance cards.

On the back of the Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card, which will not be visible to the officer, are suggestions for what the driver should do when pulled over, such as roll down the window and place their hands on the steering wheel and wait for the officer.  It also has a section for tips for using the visor card which should further facilitate the successful completion of the traffic stop.

Public Distribution of the Visor Card will begin Monday , September 27, 2010

The Visor Card will be available at the following locations:

Additional locations may be added at a later date.

A valid drivers license must be presented to obtain a Deaf Driver Communication Visor Card. 



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