About the Planning Commission & Membership Info

Public participation in government is a keystone of democracies and is possible through local board and commission actions and membership. 


Planning Commission members are selected by the Mayor, confirmed by City Council, and serve without compensation. Members must be City residents and serve for terms of two years, and may serve without limit to the number of terms. The Planning Commission must contain at least one member residing in each City Council district.

If you are interested in applying for a position on the Commission, please contact Josanne Reaves in the Mayor’s Office either by email at: Josanne.Reaves@cityofrochester.gov  or by phone at: (585) 428-6140.    

Full Members:    
David Watson, Chair South District
Eugenio Marlin, Vice Chair      Northwest District
Bradley Flower South District
Kimberly Harding East District 
Nicholas Carleton East District
Milton Pichardo Northeast District
Jacob Hall Southwest District

 Alternate Members:   
Steven Rebholz                        Northeast District
Richard Mauser East District

Isidoro Morale      Staff
Matthew Simonis  Secretary
Tom Warth Legal Counsel