Elevator and Conveyance Certification

Did you know that the City requires conveyances operating in the City of Rochester to be certified? Learn more about the process here: (Conveyance Certificate Brochure)  

Building owners or designated contacts, inspectors, and mechanics should send the following items to conveyances@cityofrochester.gov:  
  • Inspection reports and test results (within seven days of being performed) 
  • Notification if/when a conveyance’s operational status changes 

  • Verification of any work performed on a conveyance, or any repairs made 

  • Any changes to contact information associated with the conveyance 

  • Requests for an extension for conditional certification  

  • Please note: Include the address and conveyance number in any correspondence. 

***NEW: Access the Conveyance Certification process online. You can now pay for, view information, and renew through our online system 24/7! ***

If you have provided your email address to the City you can now try logging to the new system (Click Here). Please try logging in with the email you provided.    

  • If you encounter issues or do not see information about the conveyances you own or manage, please complete (this form) and allow 5 business days for staff to follow up with you via email.     

If you have not provided your email address and you own or maintain a building with a conveyance, you must complete this form. You must register your email so that staff know which conveyances to link to your account.  

Looking for a licensed inspector or contractor to service your conveyances? As of January 1, 2022, New York State issues licenses for the conveyance industry. Visit www.data.ny.gov and search ‘Elevators’ to find a listing of all business and individual license holders.    

Read the Conveyance Code here: City of Rochester Code, Chapter 50

City of Rochester Code, Chapter 50 Elevators, Escalators, and Conveyances   

Need More Help?   


For additional information about conveyances contact: (585) 428-or email conveyances@cityofrochester.gov