Urban Forest Master Plan

On Arbor Day, 2005, the City of Rochester released a forestry master plan entitled: "City in a Forest: An Urban Forest Master Plan for the City of Rochester."

Since then, the Forestry staff in the Department of Environmental Services have worked to meet the goals outlined in the plan and develop new recommendations.  In 2012, the "Urban Forest Master Plan: City in a Forest, Third Edition" was released.  Download the full master plan document to read about Forestry's achievements, ongoing efforts and plans for the future.

Staff members manage the care and maintenance of approximately 70,000 public trees located along City streets and in City parks and cemeteries. This includes tree pest management, pruning, planting, removal, inspection and responding to public requests. Visit the Forestry Services page to find out more.

Contact Forestry

Monday -Friday, 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
210B Colfax Street
(585) 428-7581