Public Market - Vendor Application Forms & Instructions

The City of Rochester Public Market offers merchants a central city location with a constant flow and huge diversity of loyal, enthusiastic customers. There are four vendor sheds, three covered open-air ("A", "C", and "D") and one fully indoor/enclosed ("B").

The following types of vendors can rent daily vending stalls at the Market, and are considered in the following priority order:*  

New York State Farmers: Vendors that grow and sell agricultural products in New York State, including vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, dairy and related products, honey and syrup, livestock, live plants and flowers, herbs and spices. 

Other Foods:  Vendors that produce agricultural products not grown in New York State; other edible items including baked goods, jams, nut butters, packaged take-home beverages, etc.

Arts and Crafts: Vendors that make and sell handmade arts and crafts.  All products in this category must be handmade by the vendor.

Prepared Foods: Vendors that prepare and sell food products for consumption on-site. (Note: Additional vendors of prepared hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, and traditional breakfast items will not be considered for vendor placement at this time.)

General Merchandise: Vendors that sell NEW non-edible general  merchandise products, including but not limited to clothes, cooking implements, toys, electronics, etc. 

* Only daily vending spaces are presently available.  To inquire about potential future seasonal, or annual licenses, contact the Market Supervisors, Tuesday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at (585) 428-6907, or email us at   

Applications and required additional documentation can be sent to City of Rochester Public Market, 280 N. Union Street, Rochester NY 14609; faxed to 585-428-7028; or scanned and sent via email to

     Daily Vendor Information and Application Packet (PDF) 

Note:  Only products in the above categories can be sold in rented vending stalls at the Market.  Non-profit organizations that wish to conduct education and outreach in non-vending spots can inquire at (585) 428-7282 or email

For-profit companies seeking to conduct promotion and marketing of products and services may be eligible to rent limited non-vending spots at the Market first-come, first-served on regular Market days. These for-profit companies cannot sell products directly from these spaces, but can promote and market products and services that don't qualify for spaces in the regular vending sheds.  Inquire at (585) 428-7282 or email

Chefs-Day-at-Market-1  markettomatoes  Farmer at Harvest Jamboree in the Public Market.

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