Commercial Refuse and Recycling Container Options

No matter what your refuse need is, the City of Rochester has a container that will suit both your volume and budget. Our staff is happy to come out for a consultation and help you decide which size container would best fit your needs. Call (585) 428-6928 to discuss container options.

Wheeled Garbage ContainersThe 64- and 95- gallon containers

  • Two wheeled container sizes
  • 64 gallon: 23" deep, 20" wide, 38" tall
  • 95 gallon: 29" deep, 24" wide, 42" tall. Can hold approximately 1/2 cubic yard of material.
  • Can be used for either refuse or recycling materials


  • Four dumpster sizes
  • 2 cubic yards: 45" deep, 64" wide, 49" tall
  • 4 cubic yards: 94" deep, 65" wide, 50" tall
  • 6 cubic yards: 130" deep, 65" wide, 50" tall
  • 8 cubic yards: 130" deep, 77" wide, 65" tall
  • Dumpsters can be used for either refuse or cardboard recycling. Many customers choose a dumpster as it plenty of space for cardboard to be flattened and stored out of the way.


SWMD-2yd-(0510) SWMD-4yd-(0510)-01
2 yard 4 yard
  SWMD-6yd-(0510) SWMD-8yd-(0510)
6 yard 8 yard


Roll-OffsRoll-offs are easily serviced by the City fleet

  • Customers can own their own roll-offs and have them serviced by the City, or can lease the container from us.
  • Roll-offs are normally used when customers have renovation or remodeling, or other projects that are going to generate a large, one-time volume 
  • Four roll-off sizes
  • 15, 20, 30, or 40 cubic yards
  • Made of durable steel with reinforced floors
  • Walk-in accessible for manual loading ease
  • Low height accommodates mechanical loading
  • One price no matter which size container you select!


  • If you have a very large volume of refuse and cardboard recycling, a compactor may be an option30 yard compactor for you. Call the office at (585) 428-6928 and ask for details on leasing a compactor.

Not sure which container is best for your business?

Call the office at (585) 428-6928 or fill out the form and someone will contact you soon!