Commercial Refuse and Recycling Testimonials

The City has hundreds of satisfied commercial refuse customers. Read on to find out why so many businesses entrust an essential part of their operation to the City of Rochester.

Monroe Community College 

Services utilized: Wheeled containers, dumpsters, and roll-offs for refuse collection; cardboard recycling; compacting
Years as a City customer: 12 years
Highlights: Fred McCullough loves that after the City has been by to service the containers that hold trash produced by MCC's 20,000 students, faculty, and staff, the area around the containers is spotless. He appreciates that because it means his Building Services crew does not need to spend their time cleaning up afterwards. Mr. McCullough runs an operation that is constantly in flux with the addition of new residence halls, new program facilities, and a growing amount of students using all the buildings. Because the City uses service agreements instead of long-term contracts, Mr. McCullough has the option to adjust his service level simultaneously as his business needs adjust. He also cites the responsiveness of the staff as another main reason that he is a customer. No matter if he's calling after hours or outside of his normal pickup day, the City is flexible and always available to address his concern and come out to his site when necessary.

Campus Crafts, Inc.

Contact: Greg Weinrieb, President
Services utilized: Refuse collection, cardboard recycling
Years as a City customer: 30 years
Highlights: Greg Weinrieb says that the City's cardboard recycling truck is so punctual each week that he can set his watch to it. It's this level of reliability and consistency that has driven him to renew his service agreement for over three decades now. The high quality customer service and individualized attention that he and his business receive don't hurt, either. Mr. Weinrieb knows that when he calls the office with a refuse issue, it will be resolved quickly and efficiently. His confidence in the City's responsiveness is evident in the fact that he sometimes leaves voicemails with his requests and does not even have to call back to check on the status because it gets done so soon after. Mr. Weinrieb was so pleased with the service the City provided to his business that when it came time to remodel his son's newly purchased home in Southeast Rochester, Mr. Weinrieb rented a City dumpster for the renovations.  

RES Exhibit Services, LLC

Contact: Jeff Gadomski, Purchasing Manager
Services utilized: Refuse collection (self-owned roll-offs), cardboard recycling (dumpster), paper recycling (each employee's desk has its own box)
Years as a City customer: 10 years
Highlights: Jeff Gadomski remembers when the City asked to come in and do an audit on the volume of trash in their refuse stream. It was one of the best decisions Mr. Gadomski made because the results showed that a large amount of the company's refuse material was actually recyclable. RES once saw recycling as an added operational cost to doing business, but the City's audit and subsequent analysis proved that the company could see big savings if it encouraged its employees to recycle. After the audit, the City dropped off recycle boxes that each employee could keep at their desk. Once they began recycling some of the things they ordinarily threw away in the trash, the company began producing drastically less refuse and saw its cost go down as a result.

Novak and Novak Properties

Contact: George and Margot Novak
Services utilized: Refuse collection, recycling
Years as a City customer: 40 years
Highlights: The Novaks own 27 residential housing properties in the city, mainly in the Park Avenue and Monroe Avenue neighborhoods. They were early pioneers in the local recycling movement, building a clause into their leases that requires tenants to recycle. When some of their smaller units could not easily accommodate a traditional-sized recycle box, the City secured a smaller version more suitable for apartment living, and distributed them to the Novak's properties. Customizing services and delivering them with a great attitude are some of the reasons the Novaks have been loyal customers for four decades.