Crisis Intervention Services

The  Crisis Intervention Services (CIS) is a unit of the City's Department of Recreation and Human Services. The goal of the office is to create a comprehensive, community-based response to support victims and families dealing with homicides, mental health, domestic violence, and other related crises. 

The CIS exists to provide response, support, intervention and resource information to those affected by crisis, trauma and crime. Scene response, mental and behavioral health response and victim assistance are just some of the services offered.

The CIS is made up of three teams; The Homicide Response Team (HRT) provides  immediate community response for families and victims of homicide;  the Community Support Team (CST) assists victims of violence and connects residents with community resources and referral services; and the the Person in Crisis Team (PIC) is a 24/7 non law enforcement response to community crises.  Click below for more information about each team.

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Crisis Intervention Services has many community partnerships including the Rochester Police Department, Pathways to Peace, Rise Up Rochester, American Medical Response Ambulance Service, Monroe County Office of Mental Health, Willow and other community service providers, to ensure that the best help is available.  

Alia Henton-Williams
Manager of Crisis Intervention Services

Phone:  585-428-1303
Email: Alia.Henton-Williams@CityofRochester.Gov


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Call 9-8-8 immediately if you are experiencing a suicidal or mental health related crisis.