Meet Rochester's City Councilmembers

About Us

City Council is comprised of five at-large members who represent the entire city and four district members who are the voice for the South, Northwest, East, and Northeast sections of the city.  All Councilmembers serve a four year term in office.  The At-Large Councilmembers are elected in the same year as the Mayor, and all District Councilmembers are elected two years later.  Please click here to view a Rochester City Council Districts Map.  If you have additional questions regarding the election process, please click here for the Monroe County Board of Elections.

Council Office

City Hall, Room 301A
30 Church Street
Rochester, New York 14614-1265
(585) 428-7538


President: Loretta C. Scott, At-Large
Vice President: Willie J. Lightfoot At-Large

At-Large Councilmembers 

 Loretta Scott
 Loretta C. Scott, President 
(585) 428-7538 (O)
Mailing Address
30 Church Street, Room 301-A
Rochester, NY 14614 
B.S. SUNY Empire State College
 Malik Evans
Malik D. Evans 
30 Church Street, Room 301-A
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-7538 (O)
Business & Consumer Prosperity
Program Manager
ESL Federal Credit Union
B.S. University of Rochester
M.S. Nazareth College
 Mitchell Gruber
Mitchell D. Gruber 
10 King St. 
Rochester, NY 14608 
(585) 428-7538 (O) 
Chief Program Officer, Foodlink 
B.S. Binghamton University 
PhD History University of Rochester

Willie Lightfoot
 Willie J. Lightfoot, Vice President
 30 Church Street, Room 301-A
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-7538 (O)
B.S. Empire State College
  Councilmember Miguel A. Meléndez, Jr.
Miguel A. Meléndez, Jr. 
 30 Church Street, Room 301-A 
Rochester, NY 14614
(585) 428-7538 (O)

 District Councilmembers

 LaShay Harris-Meet


LaShay D. Harris, South District 
 323 Aldine Street
Rochester, NY 14619 
(585) 428-7538 (O)    
  Mary Lupien-
Mary Lupien, East District 
463 Parsells Avenue
Rochester, NY 14609 
(585) 428-7538 (O)
B.S. Rochester Institute of Technology
Michael A. Patterson, Northeast District
1547 North Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 428-7538 (O); (585) 451-2024 (H)
  Jose Peo-
 Jose Peo, Northwest District
30 Church Street, Room 301-A
Rochester, NY 14614
585) 428-7538 (O)