Harbor Management Plan

With financial and technical support from the NYS Department of State, the City of Rochester, with the stakeholders in the Harbor, such as regulatory agencies, waterfront property owners, neighborhood associations, marina/business operators, prepared a Harbor Management Plan.


 What is a harbor management plan (HMP)?

  1. The Harbor Management Plan recommends a structure for and provide direction to a management entity that will oversee operations and events at the Harbor, facilitate and promote sustainable economic development and tourism, preserve the unique natural environment in the Harbor, seek opportunities to upgrade the infrastructure, and collaborate with law enforcement agencies to ensure public safety.
  2. Federal, state, and local governments routinely find themselves facing complex issues with little information available to assist them in making decisions. The Harbor Management Plan will provide information on an array of topics and issues to facilitate informed decision.

Why do we need harbor management?


  • ADVOCATE for mutual needs in the harbor, such as dredging, surge protection and infrastructure improvements,
  • COLLABORATE to solve harbor problems and conflicts,
  • PROMOTE the harbor to increase boating, tourism and economic development,
  • COORDINATE all the authorities regulating the harbor, and
  • EDUCATE harbor users about regulations, environmental changes, water level implications, events, etc.

Project Documents

Initial findings presentation This presentation was given to the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) by the project team in November 2013 on the draft key findings of the Inventory and Analysis of the Harbor Management Plan.

The Key Findings have changed based on comments from the PAC and further analysis, and will continue to evolve as the project moves through the public review process and development of the plan.
Revised key findings Based on discussions with stakeholders, map preparation, other research, and consultation with the HMP Project Advisory Committee, an inventory and analysis of existing conditions was prepared and a set of key findings derived from that an analysis. These findings identify conditions, issues and opportunities that would drive the HMP.
Final Harbor Management Plan  City of Rochester Harbor Management Plan (Final)
Plan appendices Final version of plan appendices updated 8/12/16


For further information, please contact Dorraine Kirkmire at (585) 428-6698 or email her.